Our sole aim at Marjan Therapies is to provide you with the opportunity to take time out for you. In this current climate we all feel the stress and strain of every day life, maintaining a healthy body and mind has become all the more important.  To obtain balance and well being, we here at Marjan Therapies will assist you to reset your body to it's default condition, enabling you to function at your optimum level. It's surprising just how much better you feel after just a one hour treatment !!

Marjan Therapies Massage

It's not just 'about us', it's about YOU as well !

If your reading this you're probably interested in looking after yourself, and kudos to you.  We are constantly bombarded by news programmes telling us how bad off we are, how overweight we are, we're not eating correctly, we're drinking too much / or "You're not drinking enough . . .  Water" !  Another thing is, we're not getting enough time to relax and we're working long hours, which means no 'quality time for family or friends, agai which all adds to higher stress levels !!  Speaking of stress and Mental Health !! Recent events have shown that even though you are 'healthy enough' meaning you don't have a sore finger or even a dodgy ticker .... your State of Mind (read this as Mental Health) is VERY important and has been highlighted in recent months. You might not think it, but STRESS can be a killer !!


Many people are oblivious or unaware about the many benefits of Holistic Therapies.  It was considered a 'luxury' to go to the likes of a Spa and get a 'massage treatment', and people always felt better afterward. Whether that was because it was a new experience or because it was genuinely beneficial it was always looked upon as an 'extra' … well your health is not an extra it's an essential  !!!

We not only strive to give you the best treatments, but also give you the best advice!     So, if that means altering your therapy halfway through a treatment ( because of one reason or another, which would be explained to you why)  or postponing your treatment or even cancelling  your treatment completely, then that is the advice you will get.


However, how do you know if the advice you are getting is any good, and your probably thinking 'I wonder if the treatment I get will be any good ??  Well, we’ve been in the business now for quite a while, we have never had to advertise, so our clients come to us through “word of mouth”, so if we weren’t doing something right we wouldn’t be as busy as we are, and hopefully this may ease any doubts you might have.


At Marjan Therapies we’re passionate about making people feel better! It's not just helping with 'a sore knee or an achy back' or whatever, but we endeavour to make YOU feel better, and that comes from within.  Increasingly, after a few treatments from us the real you will start to re-emerge.  Just think how you gloomy you feel on a grey, muggy, yucky day, then think about how great you feel stepping out on a lovely sunny spring morning.  Massage is not a luxury, it’s a great way of lifting your spirits, managing stress and alleviating the aches and pains of everyday life.   If you haven't been on holiday for a while,  or have been working shifts or long hours a relaxing treatment will help you recharge those batteries and put a spring back in your step.