6 benefits of Holistic Face Massage: your alternative facial

Here at Marjan Therapies we offer a variation on standard ‘facials’: The Holistic Face Massage; which is not only a real treat but also beneficial to you in a number of ways.    Like the rest of your body, the face has a large number of muscles that can get tight and hold on to stress. This is why people can usually tell when someone is stressed, it manifests itself in your face.   In order to help alleviate that stress a relaxing Holistic Facial goes a long way to helping you to overcome your stress and regain your natural composure.


What does it involve ?   


Hot cloths are gently placed on your face to prepare the skin for the treatment and loosen up your face muscles. 

We then apply your custom blend oil combination (prepared for you personally in-house) through a blissful face massage, allowing them to sink into and nourish the skin.  Your neck and head are also massaged to ensure total relaxation throughout the upper part of your body.  Cold stones could be used, if required, with the treatment to contrast with the hot cloths and to help invigorate and awaken the complexion.  .........  Finally, your skin is recharged  with specially formulated, natural toner to firm and freshen the skin.


Now, does that sound delicious ?  Oh yes it does !


Remember  that a facial, or massage is not a luxury, nowadays it's becoming more and more of a necessity.

And here’s how it can benefit you:

1.       Improves mood and reduces anxiety

A study conducted by the User Science Institute in 2008, deduced that a facial massage can decrease anxiety and improve a negative mood.  Psychological tests were administered 45 minutes after facial massage and indicated significant improvements in stress levels.

2.       Detoxifies the Body

Massaging the face stimulates the lymphatic vessels and facilitates toxin elimination from the facial area.  Lymph is a clear fluid that removes toxins from the body and muscle movement is needed to help it move and perform appropriately – without this movement, one can suffer a sluggish lymphatic system and a build-up of toxins.

There are many lymph nodes scattered throughout the facial area, especially along the edge of the chin and jaw line so a face massage is a good place to start if you’re thinking of detoxing.


3.       It’s a cheaper and healthier alternative to Botox !

Day-to-day stress causes tension in our facial muscles which eventually forms furrows and lines in certain area, like the forehead.  If these muscles and connective tissues are relaxed through gentle massage, the likelihood of these lines appearing is greatly reduced and the expression-induced lines will be softened – in particular around your eyes, lips and brow.

Combine this with regular use of a good, hydrating moisturiser and you increase the chance of looking 20 when you’re 50! ( Have you seen the likes of Christie Brinkley, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kim Basinger, Susan Lucci, Kim Cattral, Julianne Moore, or Joan Collins recently ??)

4.       Curbs congestion

Suffering with congested sinuses, headaches or puffiness?  Therapeutic massage can relieve these symptoms by mobilising secretions and improving drainage.  Combine this with steam inhalation (in a Steam Room, for example) and you’ll relieve the pressure further.   .....   Of course, always visit your doctor with more serious sinus conditions or infections.

5.       Reduces acne

As mentioned above, the face is expelled of more toxins through facial massage and this includes those that cause acne.  A face massage is actually better for acne and breakouts than many ‘spot clearing’ face washes and scrubs, which actually tend to spread the bacteria around the face more!

6.       Brightens the complexion

Relaxing the muscles and increasing circulation to the face de-puffs and brightens your complexion, especially around the eye area.  According to 'Abigail James, London’s facialist to the stars', “face massage increases circulation, oxygenating the blood and encouraging the presence of fresh, healing red blood cells”.