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Make flawless skin a priority for those wedding photos, with our custom range of treatments you'll find the right pre-wedding facial just for you…

On your wedding day – well that’s the one day of your life when your skin needs to be perfect. Between everyone on the guest list that’s known you from, since forever, plus having a squillion pictures of your face whizzing round the various Facebook accounts, Twitter, Snapchat or some other social media site, or even just up on your family and pals' wall !!  This is not the time to get a stress induced break out. On this particular day it’s just not an option,


The answer? A pre-wedding facial from Marjan Therapies.

From oily t-zones and the odd spot to dry patches and acne prone skin, we need a perfect complexion on your big day, obviously.    'For a bride, the worst thing we can do is wait until the last minute to challenge any skin issues, even a mild ‘outbreak’ or ‘blemish’.

Having a series of skin treatments and facials in the run up to your wedding is ideal in helping you to prevent blemishes and skin conditions as well as to give your makeup artist a chance to check that the products being used are suitable for your skin. Treatments should coincide with skin’s renewal, which happens every five to seven weeks to aid this process and to keep congestion and puffiness under control.

For new treatments and those new to facials, it’s important to leave at least eight weeks before the wedding to see how the skin reacts. If all is well, the treatment should be repeated the ten days  before the wedding, and if you are really concerned about it, then a few days before the event.

We would recommend laser treatments and advanced skincare to those who suffer from specific skin care concerns, such as rosacea or pigmentation. We would also advise starting these kinds of treatments at least six months before the wedding day. Especially because it can take a few treatments to get the skin into good condition and there can be some reaction during the course, so it is best to have the stronger corrective treatments early on and then just the maintenance treatments closer to the big day.

If you’re simply planning on ‘doing it yourself’ and getting some new products to use at home for mild skin conditions, you should always do this twelve weeks before the wedding to make sure no adverse/allergic reactions occur and if they do that you have enough time to get your skin return to its natural state.


This was one of the very best things I did,  in the run up to my wedding.


It was something I hadn't really thought about, but it was one of the things that every bride should do !


After all the arrangements we were making, and after the build-up it's easy to forget about yourself.

It was actually my mother that noticed I was getting more and more stressed out, but then, . .   doesn’t every bride ?? Anyway, she suggested that I should “watch out Lynn, you want to enjoy your big day, don't you !”   Of course !! and so I’m glad I listened to my mum and went to Christine at Marjan Therapies for my treatments. 

I had a relaxing massage and had my facials done by her.   And my day . . . ??  


Perfect, . . . . . as it should be !! lol

Lynn Stone

Bride to be

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